‘To Tibet’

July 5, 2013 § Leave a comment


I recently held a workshop at China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.
Chinese student Amy Duan helped me with translating during my workshop
and she also introduced me to her fantastic work. Amy has been traveling 
around in Tibet and has made jewellery pieces based on her experiences. 
She told me many fascinating stories about her work but there is not enough 
space here to tell you all of them! But if you are interested in hearing more 
about Amy's project her contact address is, dyl19890916@163.com
Here is a short statement by her and some images.

"To Tibet" series is my summary of four-year undergraduate studying. 
According to the local ethnic characteristics, I boldly use the materials 
from daily life such as textiles from their clothes, leather for their fowls, 
Tibetan beads, etc.,combining with the symbol of modern city - LED lights. In 
this way,I'm trying to create my worship of the gaudy, gorgeous, pure Tibet as 
well as the impact of modern civilization to its reflection. This effect is not 
only in the natural environment, and more of a lifestyle change, a national 
cultural integration. So my work,to the greatest extent, highlighting the Tibetan 
elements, as well as mixing the concept of contemporary jewelry.It reflects my 
exploration of contemporary expression through our traditional ethnic jewelry.
112圆6 2


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